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312 3Fl., (Royal Palace Suites. Soosong-dong) 7 Yulgok-ro 2-gil, Jongro-ku, Seoul 03143 Korea
+822-725-7588/8588, 5086/5087

About Us

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EB Incorporation is the fastest growing insurance intermediary in Korea, founded in 2006 by Heon Joo who has a wide experience of both life and non-life insurance. The company is registered with the FSS (Financial Supervisory Services) in Korea and licensed for life, non-life and third party insurance. EB Incorporation offers not only employee benefits and corporate pension consulting, but also a full range of intermediary and consulting services in the areas of property & casualty insurance and reinsurance.

As an international broking firm, we are headquartered in Korea and established Representative Office in Indonesia on July 17, 2017. We also have Liaison Office in Japan. In Korea, we focus on Employee Benefits Consulting, Corporate Pension Consulting and Compensation Consulting. And we focus on bancassurance and reinsurance business in Indonesia. In Japan market, we focus on developing the Cooperative Insurance. We do both retail and reinsurance business and in retail business, we focus on not only Corporate Pension and Employee Benefits consulting, but also P&C Consulting. In reinsurance business, we focus on Life&Health business. Our company initiatives moving forward to focus on specialty lines such as Performance Bond, Surety Bond, Credit Insurance, Domestic Credit, etc.

EB Incorporation has now become a respected insurance intermediary in Korea especially in life, accident and health insurance/reinsurance. It works closely with major Korean insurance companies as well as well-known international insurance groups. In addition, through an understanding of clients’ needs and a detailed analysis of the market and future prospects, EB Incorporation is in a position to provide customized corporate pension consulting services to clients and maintain a long-term relationship with them. Through research and analysis of financial institutions, EB Incorporation is able to recommend the most suitable corporate pension plans to clients.

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The firm also provides employee benefit consulting services to both foreign and local companies. EB Incorporation is able to design the employee benefit program, provide appropriate marketing services, recommend the most suitable insurance program to clients and help to implement the customized program.

EB Incorporation also had offered new or unusual product proposal and special ideas to develop new insurance concepts to product commodity development teams of insurance companies in Korea. We have successful record regarding product development. For example; Dental, Vision Insurance, Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), Credit Life/Default Insurance, etc.

We have handling all areas of Property and Casualty insurance lines. Specifically in regard to Package (Property All Risk) Insurance, we are now using our loss control methods under our internal guideline for risk assessment. For example, we have internally some experts for risk management, risk evaluation, risk avoid, risk survey, etc. We have provided services to companies in all industries including finance, manufacturing, IT and high-tech industry. We focus on all industry groups of foreign investment companies and provided our services.

Finally EB Incorporation offers not only employee benefits/ corporate pension consulting but also full range of intermediary and consulting services in the area of property & casualty insurance/ reinsurance.


Employee Benefits Products & Services
  • Life/ Health reinsurance
  • Group term life
  • Group personal accident
  • Group medical
  • Personal accident
  • Health/ Overseas travel accident
  • Key person insurance
  • Long-term income replacement/ Death & Disability etc.
Corporate Pension Products & Services
  • Severance payment insurance transfer
  • Retirement insurance transfer
  • Defined benefits services
  • Defined contribution services
  • DB plus DC plans
  • Investment performance monitoring
  • DB and DC plan integration and transition
  • Participant education/ Compli
Property & Casualty Products & Services
  • Non-Life reinsurance
  • Property Insurance/ Natural resources
  • Corporate risk/ Capital risk
  • Marine / Construction
  • General / Public liability
  • Financial & Professional risk
  • Captive management / Risk management etc.
Reinsurance Products
  • Life & Health Reins.
  • Property & Casualty Reins.
  • Specialty Reins.
  • Facultative vs. treaty reinsurance
  • Facultative-obligatory (fac-oblig) reinsurance
  • Financial reinsurance
  • Proportional (pro-rata) vs. Non-proportional (Excess-of-Loss or Stop Loss) reinsurance