Corporate Pension Consulting Services

Corporate Pension Products

  • Severance Payment
  • Insurance Transfer
  • Retirement Insurance Transfer
  • Defined Benefits Services
  • Defined Contribution Services
  • DB plus DC Plan
  • Investment Performance Monitoring
  • DB & DC Plan Integration & Transition
  • Participant Education
  • Compliance Assistance



Right plan selection
  • To help the understanding of the plan
  • To select the appropriate plan for the client
Smooth plan introduction & fixation
  • To resolve any potential issues that can occur during plan introduction
  • To fix stable plan through systematic Communication
Mid to long term financial planning
  • To predict contributions by employee, cash flow, tax deduction etc.
  • To make mid to long-term capital plan in companies
Coordination of opinion between the working-level and management
  • To propose plan selection criteria
  • To find out any issues between working-level and management and to resolve it through communication


STEP 1 Analysis

Investigate whether to introduce plan and time for introduction according related law and market change and report to department handling administrative work

STEP 2 Schedule Making and Plan Selection

Evaluate retirement pension plan provider based on financial health, profitability, know-how, infra, education for worker, convenience, product competitiveness, value added services and select suitable plan for the client.

STEP 3 Plan Implementation

Arrange briefing session for employees and schedule plan implementation procedure